Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why am I blogging...

I have decided to start a blog...not sure if any one will read it but that is okay with me...for now. My reasonging is twofold. My first reason is that I like sharing some of the things I think during the day and I don't think my "friends" on facebook should be required to read them when they aren't interested.  It is one of my pet peeves when people post thier random thoughts and opinions on political, religious, and other matters as their status and I am forced to read them when I log into my homepage. I don't want to subject my "friends" to that. So, I have created a blog for people who may actually want to read my thoughts. Like I said...I am okay if that is no one.
My second reason is that I have started writing more and may want to share some thoughts and ideas with people in the future. Plus, I hear it is always a good idea to have some sites if you ever want to get published. But, that is a long way off.
Maybe this blog will just be more like a journal for me. I can always make Ellie read it when she gets older. Isn't that what kids are for? Ha!
If you happen to find your way on here, I hope you enjoy what you read. Feel free to comment.

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