Monday, August 22, 2011


God promises us that if we live lives of sacrifice we will be blessed. I decided to take a leap and believe God at His Word. He is God, after all. I took a step toward some new behaviors and routines today. I refrained from some old habits, things that kept stepping in-between God and me. I went without them tonight. I have before, but tonight it was the beginning of what I hope will be a long hiatus. I have refrained from making this decision numerous times before. I have always been scared to give up these things that have become like crutches to me. I often feel life would be dull and unbearable without them. But, God promises we will be blessed for such sacrifices.
He didn’t disappoint. I don’t believe He ever does; not really. I have already had a few surprises tonight. I checked my work email from home and had a couple answers to prayer. I have two chaperones to come on the dreaded lock-in with me Friday night. I have all the Sunday school teaching positions filled. Would all of this still have happened if I hadn’t decided to follow God tonight? Probably; I believe we have a gracious and loving God. Does the fact that these things happened tonight encourage me on my path? Of course. Thank you God for helping me to see that you truly are faithful, and life really is better when we follow you.
I just hope I don't easily forget what this feels like...

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