Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kim Lauer: A BIKE break...

Kim Lauer: A BIKE break...: This is day two this week of no biking with Ellie. I caught some sort of virus over the weekend and still have a lot of congestion in my c...

A BIKE break...

This is day two this week of no biking with Ellie.  I caught some sort of virus over the weekend and still have a lot of congestion in my chest.  It isn’t like the commute is very long, but I didn’t want to be coughing while trying to pedal.  We also were running a bit late today or else I probably would have tried the bike today.  Ellie was adorable both mornings because she kept yelling “bike, bike” from the backseat of the car.  I responded, “I know, we aren’t on the bike.  We’ll take it tomorrow.”  Monday I lied…
I have to say that I missed the ride yesterday and today.  It is a nice way to de-stress after a day at work.  The only stressful part to our ride is still crossing Slaughter.  I find that my mind is clearer when I can feel the wind on my face.  Ellie and I even said a little prayer last Thursday for the kids waiting for the bus.  I take notice more of the things around me while on the bike, and I try to remember to thank God for His many blessings.   I hope to be back on the bike tomorrow.  Thursday it looks like we may get rain, but its Austin so we probably won’t see a drop.  Thank you for tuning into Bicycling Incidents with Kim and Ellie.  It is fun for me to share my adventures with you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


B.I.K.E. = Bicycling Incidents with Kim and Ellie!
Today was day two in our adventure.  The mornings are nicer than the afternoons.  The air is cooler and the sun isn’t beating down on us.  Ellie kept her helmet on the whole time this morning.   I let her keep her “blankie” in the trailer and gave her some pretzels.  She was quite happy.
We left a little earlier today and were joined by some high school students that were biking to class.  I wonder if any of them are Karl’s students.  They weren’t wearing helmets and probably thought I was a big dork, but I stopped caring what high school kids think about me a while ago.  The ride was pleasant and pretty uneventful.  We did run over some poop.  Ellie’s trailer is too wide and I couldn’t get around it.  I’ll have to remember to check the tire for grossness.   A nice man, watering his yard, waved to us. 
I’m still a little nervous every time we cross Slaughter – at the intersection right by Bowie High School.  The teenage drivers scare me.   Watch for bikers; especially those towing cute little toddlers. 
Stay tuned…maybe we’ll witness something interesting one of these days. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Adventures of Kim and Ellie

I turned thirty-two today.  I feel more like I am twenty-two.  A lot of my life feels messed up at times.  I make many mistakes, am not responsible with my time, neglect to do things that should be done, and often wonder when I am going to grow up.   I did start one new adventure today.  Ellie and I biked to work; well, I biked and Ellie rode in the trailer.  Karl got us the bike and trailer for my birthday; an hour after we brought it home it rained.  Austin needs rain big time.  Karl said he should have gotten me a bike months ago if that was all that needed to be done for a little rain. 
I hope Ellie and I will get to continue biking/being pulled to work (and daycare) and I also hope to share our adventures with you all.  Today went pretty well.  Ellie tired of the helmet half way through the ride.  I think it is slightly too big and she didn’t like not being able to see the world zooming by…okay, it was not zooming by; I went slowly.  I had to stop and readjust the helmet because it was buckled and she had moved it so it was hanging from her neck.  After that small break things went pretty well.  I kept asking her if she was okay.  She would reply “aye”; it is her affirmative.  She must be Scottish.  I have no idea where she picked that up, but it is adorable.  I also asked if she was having fun to which she replied, “aye.” 
My ride went pretty well, except that I underestimated how much I would sweat.  It is still fairly hot in Texas.  I wore a backpack (full of diapers, wipes, my laptop, and Ellie’s lunch) and had a huge sweat mark on the back of my shirt for some of the morning.  I will just have to remember to maybe bring a different shirt to wear.  Ellie wouldn’t let me keep the backpack in her trailer, even though there is plenty of room.  She likes her space I guess. 
Mostly I am just glad we made it safely and weren’t run over by some late high school students, since Bethany is right next door to Bowie High School.  I will keep you all updated.  Pray for us!  J