Wednesday, September 21, 2011


B.I.K.E. = Bicycling Incidents with Kim and Ellie!
Today was day two in our adventure.  The mornings are nicer than the afternoons.  The air is cooler and the sun isn’t beating down on us.  Ellie kept her helmet on the whole time this morning.   I let her keep her “blankie” in the trailer and gave her some pretzels.  She was quite happy.
We left a little earlier today and were joined by some high school students that were biking to class.  I wonder if any of them are Karl’s students.  They weren’t wearing helmets and probably thought I was a big dork, but I stopped caring what high school kids think about me a while ago.  The ride was pleasant and pretty uneventful.  We did run over some poop.  Ellie’s trailer is too wide and I couldn’t get around it.  I’ll have to remember to check the tire for grossness.   A nice man, watering his yard, waved to us. 
I’m still a little nervous every time we cross Slaughter – at the intersection right by Bowie High School.  The teenage drivers scare me.   Watch for bikers; especially those towing cute little toddlers. 
Stay tuned…maybe we’ll witness something interesting one of these days. 

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  1. How cool! Minor just got me a new bike, so we'll need to start planning some biking adventures!