Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Agent or Many...That is the Question.

I decided to write about waiting again today.  We are always waiting for something.  What are you waiting for today?  I am still waiting for a response from the very first (and only) agent I have sent my manuscript.  She is behind, via twitter.    This current waiting spell has made me think about quality versus quantity.  Why did I only send my manuscript to one agent instead of a mass of them?  I researched and practically stalked quite a few literary agents in my hunt for the perfect fit.  There were quite a few extremely talented and professional people with an interest in my brand of book.  So… why just the one? 
I don’t know if I have a good answer as to why.  She seemed like the perfect fit for my manuscript.  I wanted to make my query speak to her directly.  I think she would love my book if she gives it a chance.  Hence I am waiting from one yes or one no from one agent.  Maybe my chances for a “yes” would be higher if I had sent my book to the dozen or so agents with an interest in Middle Grade Adventure Fiction (with light fantasy).  After all, isn’t the “right” agent the one that says “yes!”   Maybe…maybe not. 
I am curious to know what other aspiring authors do when they send out a manuscript.  Do you seek an agent first?  Do you send a query to as many literary agents and publishers as you can?  Do you seek the one perfect fit and hang your hopes on her or him for a while?  What happens when or if they say “not for me?”   I am thankful that I still have a dozen agents to pitch when that inevitable first “no” comes my way.  I am also thankful to have so many blessings in my life.  My book being published would be great, but all my eggs really aren’t in one basket.  I have a great job, great family, great friends, and a God that is leading me where He wants me to go.  All I have to do is say “yes.” 

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  1. I've wondered the very same thing myself. I'll keep watch to see what other followers have to say.

    I sent out four queries and still no response. I finally decided to upload my second book to Kindle and Nook but not really what I wanted or my readers who prefer paperbacks. I know...we don't always get what we want. Even though the process was easy and I can continue to update my book if needed, it's not the same as seeing it in print.

    I've tried the POD publisher with my first book, major nightmare. Every little thing they offered such as converting to eBook, advertising my book at Book Fairs or Book Stores cost more and more money not to mention the price they put on my book was ridiculously high (even in Kindle format).

    What happened to the author being paid? Maybe I'm ignorant to this whole publishing thing even though I've read everything I can get my hands and eyes on but I haven't given up just yet.