Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is Wrong With All the Self-Publishing?

What is wrong with all the self-publishing?
Only that I don’t have time to read all these awesome books that intrigue me.  I see many independent authors advertising their books on their blogs, on twitter, on facebook, and anywhere else they can.  As a result, my attention is continually being grasped by a title or a premise.  I started to actually write the titles down on a scrap piece of paper so that I stopped forgetting them.  I plan on downloading them all and reading them when I finally have some time; maybe during the holidays.
I have read a few already and was privileged to get to write reviews and post the author’s website and twitter address on my blog.  Our electronic age has really made interacting with the author of your favorite books not only a possibility but an enhancement of the reading experience.  I love that I can tweet someone about how much their book moved me.  I am excited knowing that the author can and will read my review.  We can even ask questions and learn more about the motivation and development of our favorite characters.  What people used to have to go to signings and readings for, we can get with clicks of buttons. 
All of this said, I am still trying to get published the old-fashioned way – for now.  Maybe it is because I don’t trust myself to publicize and promote as well as many authors.  Maybe I am still naïve about how this all works.  One thing is for sure; I am extremely grateful to all the indie publishers out there.  It is a real pleasure for me to get to read your work and to be able to interact with you online.  Thank you for giving us worlds to explore and lose ourselves in and for taking them time to make us feel like family.
I have a handful of titles I will include in case you want to be as hungry to devour them as I am, but beware!!!  Once you get sucked in there is never enough time to read all the books that look so great.  You can get all of them at amazon or smashwords. 
Cornerstone – Misty Provencher
Frightened Boy – Scott Kelly
New Blood – Paul Dorset
The Paradox Series – Patti Roberts
The Fall of Billy Hitchings –Kirkus MacGowan


  1. Nothing wrong with the traditional publishing route, but I think you'll find the need to add your own publicity. I think you're off to a fine start.

  2. Kim, have you heard of They have a program where they prepare your manuscript, identify the publishers/agnets, write query letters and they send it on your behalf. It’s a popular program among some authors that’s how I heard about it. Give it a try, their price is very economical. I hope it helps:


  3. Hey, Kim!

    I just wanted to stop over and say thanks for mentioning my book. :) Much appreciated.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about all the great books out there. I have well over one-hundred waiting to be read on my Kindle. I finally had to shut down and force myself to finish these before I add more, lol.

    Thanks again. Have a great rest of the week!